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COC document

Exactly as promised


hello my order was an express one ,i was supposed to receive the documents within 36 or latest 48 hours .
in the ups tracking system the documents were collected after 1 pm ,consequently they left Hamburg the day after not in the same day as agreed ,instead of receiving teh documents on Friday as expected ,i received them on Monday the next week .
So i couldn't register the cars until Tuesday ,5 days between the order and paiement and the reception of the documents is not an Express service in ly opinion

Hi Mr. S,
we are very sorry to hear that you are not happy.
To clarify your service level: you´ve made an order March 14th and received the eMail with the PDF of the document March 16th – two days later. Due to the standardized and automated process of Volkswagen it always takes two working days, it is not possible to receive the document earlier. In rare cases if something goes wrong, it can take even longer. We can´t and won´t promise any faster delivery than that.
March 16th afternoon the shipment was picked up by UPS, it should have arrived one day later, Friday. As you can read in the tracking, UPS blames a strike for the delay of one day. Because of that the delivery was delivered delayed on Monday morning.
We are very sorry for the delay; we are aware of the time sensitivity of these documents and the trouble it can cause if they arrive late. This is why we put a lot of effort in our processes and customer service to avoid any delay. But at some point, we have to work with external partners, like UPS or other express couriers. And although they promise next day delivery – in some cases they fail. Also, they rarely offer weekend pickup or delivery, these are the terms we have to work with. In that case we have very little leverage and struggle to heal the trouble this delay caused. But we are very open about suggestions, how to improve and optimize our processes.
Currently you have assigned a 5-star rating, what is very good. Reading your review, you sound not entirely satisfied with our performance, you can still adapt the star-rating to a lower rating if you like.
Your 2JB team

Fast and serious

Thanks a lot for your serious and fast delevery
Rapide et très professionnel

Audi Q5 coc

Super schnell und sehr gute Beratung 👍


Ich bin sehr zufrieden, Ansatz und schneller und qualitativ hochwertiger Service. Danke an das ganze Team.

Hallo, zunächst einmal vielen Dank für Ihre schnelle Kommunikation und Hilfe. Schnelle Lieferung und qualitativ hochwertige Arbeit

COC Papiere für VW Volkswagen (Certificate of Conformity)


Correu tudo bem, muito obrigado

Schnelle Lieferung des Original COC-Papiers - absolut empfehlenswert!

Für die schnelle Verwendung habe ich das PDF per Mail erhalten. Wenige Tage später kam per Einschreiben das COC-Papier im Original an.
Ich kann den korrekten Service für jeden weiterempfehlen.

COC Dokument für Cutolo - Carrozza GmbH

Ja alles bestens und schnelle Zustellung. Vielen Dank, Grüsse



Bonjour Christophe,
Merci pour votre avis. Si nous comprenons bien le commentaire 'parfait', vous avez été satisfait de notre service - nous sommes très satisfaits !
Nous utilisons un système de notation à 5 étoiles, où 1 étoile est un très mauvais résultat et 5 étoiles est un très bon résultat. Vous avez actuellement attribué une étoile à votre note. Cela nous déroute un peu. Vous pouvez changer les étoiles par la suite, ou vous pouvez ajouter un ajout à votre commentaire là où vous souhaiteriez une amélioration.

Sehr schnell

Schnelle Zustellung alles supi.

COC VW Nutzfahrzeug

Einfach zu bestellen, schnelle Abwicklung, schon nach 2 Tagen das COC vorab per mail und am nächsten in der Post. Auch telefonisch bei Rückfragen sehr gut erreichbar und kompetente Asukunft. Jederzeit wieder

Sehr zufrieden

Netter und kompetenter Telefon Kontakt.
Es hat alles sehr schnell geklappt.

Good service

They send me the digital document in advance, really helpful

Reception du COC

Bonjour, je n’ai malheureusement toujours pas reçu le document par la poste.

Merci pour votre avis!
Nous avons examiné le cas et sommes désolés de voir que votre envoi est effectivement retardé. Nous avons reçu le document le 16/02. remis à la poste et il semble qu'il n'ait pas encore été reçu ou traité par le CTT à ce jour (24/02). Nous sommes désolés, mais malheureusement notre marge de manœuvre est ici limitée. Nous proposons l'expédition postale comme option d'expédition très économique, mais si vous avez besoin de l'original de toute urgence, nous recommandons toujours l'expédition express.

COC Papiere für VW Volkswagen (Certificate of Conformity)

COC Papiere für VW Volkswagen (Certificate of Conformity)

Sehr zufrieden

Unkomplizierte und schnelle Abwicklung, würden jederzeit wieder bestellen.

Coc papers

It was very good. Fast

Super Service

Die Bestätigung kam umgehend. Vorab per Email am nächsten Tag und per Einschreiben am übernächsten Tag. Hat super geklappt!

COC Papiere für VW Volkswagen (Certificate of Conformity)

Hello Mr B.,
it's totally okay if you leave a lousy 1* review. But we always welcome qualitative feedback. Were we rude? Did it take too long? Have we cheated you?
As far as we can trace your order, you ordered on January 24th, received your document by eMail on January 26th and we sent it to Spain on the same day (by post, as requested). It arrived there on February 6th.
From our perspective, it actually went quite well. If you like, you can add a comment to your review so that we can learn where we still need to improve. However, you can also always contact us directly to address problems if you seek a solution.
Your 2JB Team

COC Papiere für Audi (Certificate of Conformity)

COC Papiere für Audi (Certificate of Conformity)